What people are saying about their workshop experience...

Three months have passed since I attended the two day Excursion Weekend offered by Dawn Tobin. I can honestly say that I am still experiencing the results. At first I wasn’t sure if I was really experiencing anything extraordinary. I remember thinking to myself that I may have been the victim of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” scheme. The other participants were talking about experiences that I simply did not have during the weekend. Within days of the workshop I began experiencing things that seemed supernatural to me. I found myself scratching my head and wondering how these things were happening. I found myself with an understanding of self, circumstance, and interactions with others that went beyond my expectations. My world seemed to open up for me. I found myself meeting the exact people that I needed to meet to further my spiritual growth. I found myself reading the exact materials that I needed to go to the next level. This is still happening on a regular basis. I no longer scratch my head though. I simply smile and say “Thanks TMI, thanks Dawn!”

– KJ – Raleigh, NC

I am not the same person. You did a wonderful job putting all of this together

– Larry F.

I used the REBAL with my middle daughter who has some negativity/martyr issues. …She changed almost instantly! …It was amazing. What an incredible tool!

– Judy M.

The information that you presented was clear and well defined. …Thank you for the experience. 

- Heather S.

I seem to be lighter in spirit…I don’t feel as burdened.  I don’t seem to have a lot on my mind. I find I am hearing noise in more detail and listening to see where it is coming from. This morning driving to work I saw the most beautiful sun rise. 

I also find myself smiling and I am the only one in the office this morning.  Very interesting.  I am enjoying this excitement.

– Nancy H.