Healing Rhythms

Healing Rhythms

The biofeedback technology found in Healing Rhythms functions as an on-screen mirror in which to view the body's physical and mental state. As you practice the proven techniques within the 15-step Guided Training Program, the positive changes to your bodyís physiology are reflected on the screen, either through beautiful interactive images or through the biometric on-screen grapher. In other words, you get to watch your stress disappear right before your eyes.

If you would like to sharpen your intuitive skills and accelerate your process of self-discovery and personal growth, consider incorporating Hemi-Sync meditation titles with the biofeedback advantages afforded by Healing Rhythms.

What's included:

Iom Biofeedback Hardware and sensors

More than 40 guided meditation and breathing practices facilitated by health and wellness experts to include: Deepak Chopra, MD, Andrew Weil, MD and Dean Ornish, MD

Full Color, 90-page Training Guide & Userís Manual

Installation disks for PC/Mac

System Requirements: *700 MB of disk space, 256 MB of available RAM *800 X 600, 24-bit color display *CD-ROM or DVD drive *Available USB port

PC: *Intel Pentium III or higher *800 MHz processor (minimum) *1.25 GHz processor (recommended) *Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Macintosh: *G4 or higher *800 MHz processor (minimum) *1.25 GHz processor (recommended) *Mac OSX v10.2.8 or higher *3ivx video codec (included) *Quicktime 6.5 or higher (not included)

Price: $295.00