Blossoming Lotus DVD

Blossoming Lotus DVD

Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync breathes light and life into mystical, sacred symbols of the Far East. Hypnotic animation and vibrantly brilliant color merged with the heart-opening Indigo for Quantum Focus Hemi-Sync soundtrack truly will inspire you to unparalleled new peaks of creative inspiration.

From the creators of the classic LightSOURCE, Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync presents twelve mandalas from the Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions that manage at once to be both ancient and contemporary.

Use Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync for powerfully focused meditation, daily stress reduction and serene ambience, as joyful upliftment at ceremonies and gatherings, and even for profoundly deep new experiences when giving or receiving massage.

Indigo for Quantum Focus is an extraordinary, nurturing Metamusic composition featuring designer mixes of Hemi-Sync frequencies for super learning and concentration that provide a roadmap to expanded awareness.

Mandalas include: Tao Yin Yang, The Blossoming Lotus, Dorje Sceptre, Endless Knot & Wheel of Life, Kanji Yin Yang, Lhasa Lotus, The Mahakala, Lotus Buddha, Om Devanagari, Mahamudra Buddha, Om Mane Padme Hum, and The Sri Yantra.

Software requirements for CD-ROM:For Windows computers: Windows XP or Vista. 480 MB hard drive space. For Macintosh computers: OSX 10.3.9 or higher, including Intel-based. 480 MB hard drive space.

DVD:Widescreen and fullscreen versions. Many on-disc extras included. Running time: 74 minutes.

Price: $34.95